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The Horses


Faith, approximately 8 years old, came to us from the Devore Animal Shelter. She was rescued along with around 20 other horses from a hoarding situation in the San Bernardino County area. We were called in to take her in along with another mare, Valentine. She came in extremely emaciated, had a bad case of lice, bad feet, and a very round belly. We had the vet out and determined she is pregnant. She is doing well now and we are waiting for the arrival of her foal.


Valentine, approximately 9 years old, came to us from the Devore Animal Shelter. She was rescued along with around 20 other horses from a hoarding situation in the San Bernardino County area. We were called in to take her in along with another mare, Faith. She came in extremely emaciated, had a bad case of lice, bad feet, stress warts and we suspected she might be pregnant. We had the vet out and although we weren't able to determine if she is, she's pretty round. She's gained weight and is healthy so we will keep monitoring her. 


BB, known to us as Ms. B, is around 9 years old. She came to us from Campo, 3 miles our side of the Mexican border. We were told she was a mustang because she wondered on to a property with a wild burro. She was so skinny, she was almost near death by the time she arrived here. She has improved immensely since she arrived, both physically and socially. We suspect she may be pregnant by the burro. The vet will be out soon to hopefully confirm our suspicion. 

The Horses

GiGi & MaryGrace

Gigi and Marygrace are staying with us through a 6 month contract. Due to the Camp Fire, their family is in the process of rebuilding. They are both very sweet with everyone and Ms. Marygrace loves the sweet treats. She gives it away when ever someone tries to sneak her a carrot or two with her bray. 


Shoria is an 18 year old thoroughbred. her owner was a good friend of the family and when they reached out, we were happy to help. She is still calming down from the move, so we're going to give her some time before her evaluation. 

The Horses


Bailey is a 16 yr old warmblood that we took in working with Joey's home animal rescue. They had him for 5 years and were unable to place him due to bad habits he had. We have been able to work him through those issues . Bailey was adopted to train for mounted posse in January 2020.


Lefty came in with Cayden.  He is approximately 16 years old. After much research we have found he is a Comstock Mustang from the Navajo reservation.  He is on the smaller side but is ride-able by a very experienced rider. We would love to see if he would pull a cart. He is currently available for adoption 


Lakota  is a 15 year old mustang mare originally from Wyoming. She came to us untrained and we are currently working with her trust issues. When training is completed she will be placed for adoption. 


Cayden is a 22 yr old registered appy. He stands 16.2 hands tall. He comes from a very rough past of abuse and has several scars to prove it. We call him the gentle giant. Anyone can ride him as long as there are no whips or spurs used. He is currently under sponsorship pending adoption.


Smoochy is a 22 yr old mustang mare from Colorado.  Her owner was elderly and had to move in with family so we took in Smoochy for her. She never trained her just loved on her for 10 years. We are currently working on her trust, leading and picking up her feet. She is not currently available for adoption.


Sugar was an 18 yr old quarter appy who was here on consignment.  He was a 13 yr old girls gymkhana horse.  He is was a wonderful  horse who was lucky enough to be adopted. Unfortunately due to cancer he had to be humanly euthanized. We are sad but happy he new love before he crossed the rainbow bridge.

The Horses


Sparky is a 16 yr old mustang gelding. He was a rescue that we helped bring in. The client that saved him and 2 other horses realized she got in to deep and looked to us for help. We did find his original owner who raised him from 4 months old. He was never formally trained but is ridable. He is currently under sponsorship pending adoption 


Sammy is a 28 year old mustang . Who is a rescue to rescue transfer. He had been used for tripping which is an illegal sport. Trust can be a big issue. He can be saddled but he is available for adoption as a pasture puff due to his age.


Shorty is a 19 year old POA. His original owner was also Sparky's. They came in together. He was used for giving lessons to their grand kids. He is now being used as a cart pony and a lesson horse for kids. He will have a forever home here at Far-From-Perfect.


Abby was a rescue to rescue transfer. She is a 29 year old mustang. She has foundered somewhere in her past and we are in the process of fixing her feet so she can be trained to pull a cart. At this time she is not up for adoption.


Pepper is a 3 year old mustang mare who came to us because she was not the right fit for the family. She has some behavior issues so she is still in training and is sponsored at this time. She will be up for adoption some time in the near future.


Star is a 9 year old mustang mare who is originally from Arizona. She was rescued from auction and then rescued from the people who got her from auction and was to much to handle for her owners so she came to us . She is now in training and up for sponsorship. She will be up for adoption in the near future.

The Horses


River was a 21 yr old retired barrel racing champion. We took him on the agreement that he would never race again. He was adopted by our silent board member as a trail horse. This was his perfect retirement. River crossed the rainbow bridge in December 2019. 


Bullseye came to us with Horseshoe. They are an inseparable pair. He is a 28 yr old registered paint. He at one time was a kids barrel horse. He came to us very skinny and we were having a hard time putting weight on him. We had his teeth floated in May 2019 and have been successful getting his weight up. We are hopeful that he will continue to improve with a good diet and some exercise. He is available for sponsorship and/or adoption.

Christmas Carol (Bug)

Bug is a 26 yr old mustang who was transferred from Nevada to California because she escaped custody seven times and returned to her heard. She was a sale authority that most likely would have gone to a bad situation if we did not take her. She is extremely feisty and a permanent resident of Far-From-Perfect.


Cutter is a 14 yr old POA . He came to us because his owner passed away from cancer. He is a wonderful horse but does not allow a male of any kind to ride him. He is available for adoption but there are restrictions. Please contact us for more details.


Horseshoe came to us as an owner surrender with Bullseye. He is a 30 yr old registered Quarter horse and was a fully trained reining horse at one time but spent most of his life as a kids horse. He was very skinny when he came in and has been slowly gaining weight and putting on muscle. We've had his teeth floated and a thorough vet check and he's doing very well. He loves kids and is used for lessons.  He is available for sponsorship and/or adoption. 

Cotton Top

Cotton was our very first horse and he will forever be a member of our family. He is a sweet little mustang that we adopted from a TIP trainer. He is from Fish creek, Nevada 

The Horses


Olivia was a rescue to rescue transfer. She is a 17yr old mustang from New Mexico. She is an experienced rider only horse and is still learning to ride on her own. At one point, she was used as a dude string horse and is only used to following another horse. We are working with her on her confidence. She is available for sponsorship.


Petunia came in with Shorty and Sparky. She is approximately a 9 yr old Egyptian Arabian. She is such a sweetheart and despite her past neglect she is improving all the time. She loves attention and goes out on the trail just fine. She requires an intermediate rider. She would be a great endurance prospect with some more training. She  is available for sponsorship and/or adoption.  


Shelby came to us due to her owner moving. She is a wonderful mustang from Arizona. She is mounted posse trained. We adopted her out over a year ago but she was returned to us in Oct 2018 with a stifle injury. She is currently rehabilitating and her original owner who had given her away many years ago to who we received her from found her here and now sponsors her. She comes and spends time with her and love on her. 


Princess was rescued from the LA area. She was a 20 yr old Arabian quarter horse cross. She came to us with a bad front knee. She was a sweet gal. Princess crossed the rainbow bridge in 2019.

The Horses


Jade is approximately a 2 year old mustang filly. She was a sale authority when she was purchased in October 2018. Her owner ran into some family health issues that took her time away from Jade. We were happy to take her and she is currently in training. She is currently being sponsored and will be available for adoption in the future.


Vinny was staying with us because his owner liked riding with Joel. In December his owner passed away. We have told the family he can stay until they decide what to do with him. He is a 15 yr old Tennessee walker. He loves attention and treats.


Rio came to us because he was a lot of horse to handle for his owner. He is a 16 yr old Quarter horse. He is a wonderful horse who is a little excitable. He is currently being sponsored pending adoption 


Ottis is a 3 yr old mustang that was given to us under the terms he stays here forever. He is currently in training and has been started on trails. He will not be available for adoption 

The Horses

Mickey also known as McKenzie

Mickey is a 6 yr old mustang who came to us through a TIP trainer. She was a three strike mustang when we got her at 4 yrs old. Since her training she loves to go out on trail and can go up to 50 miles without breaking a sweat. She has been started on barrels and is currently running AA times. She is full of energy and loves to go. She loves to have her butt scratched. She is a permanent resident of far from perfect


Minerva came to us as a rescue transfer. She is an 18 yr old mustang mare from Utah. At one time she was someone’s ranch horse. With the right person she can do it all. She is a great kids horse and we use her for lessons. She is blind in one eye but it truly does not stop her. She is a permanent resident of far from perfect.


Lucky came to us with Ottis. She is 21 yrs old and was a brood mare most of her life. When her past were done with her they dumped her. She is a sweet paint mare who can be a little pigheaded. She was adopted in February. Her new girl has an incredible bond with her. 


Sally came to us from our neighbors. Their father could no longer care for her. She is a 17 yr old mustang mare who is built like a tank. They adopted her from animal control and had her for seven years. She loves to go out on trails and we are exposing her to new activities such as gymkhana patterns. She is a little unsure but has been doing very well adapting to new situations.  She is available for sponsorship and/or adoption. 

The Horses


Hermosa is a 16 yr old paint who we picked up two years ago from up in Northern California. We took her on the agreement she would stay with us forever. She at one time was a dancing horse. Annette currently rides her on trail and in gymkhana. She is a permanent resident at far from perfect.


Feather is a 15 yr old paint quarter horse. She was given to us by our silent board member to use for lessons. She has ringbone in her front right hoof and is in the process of healing. She was used as a lesson horse, but we are giving her time to heal. 


Sky is a 18 yr old mustang that is very sweet. He does need an experienced rider. We are in training with him working on ground and saddle manners. He will be available for adoption in the future. 


Tiny is staying with us to be used for lessons. She is a 15 yr old apps pony. She will soon be moving to Texas with her owner

The Horses


Nosey came to us with several other horses. She is a Kieger mustang. Her nose was broken when they captured her so she never grew. Her owner had to cut his heard down due to family health issues. She is a sweetheart but will not be adoptable. Nosey was adopted as a companion horse in 2019.


Libby is a 21yr old mustang from the Kieger herd. She injured her leg when they captured her but is not lame. She at one time was a wonderful riding horse but now deserves her retirement. Libby was adopted as a companion horse.


Link is a 7yr old mustang from fish creek Nevada. ADOPTED


Leo is a 15 yr old paint. ADOPTED


Apache was only here a a week. We helped Skydog with the transition from auction to them. He was a very sweet horse who was adopted just after he was picked up from here

The Horses


Gunpowder was 16 yrs old when she arrived here. She was a grey Appaloosa TB. We used her for trail rides and I ran gymkhana on her. At 19 yrs old she became sick and colicky. She did this 2 months in a row. The second time when the vet examined her she found tumors in her throat and stomach. Per the vet it was recommended that we humanely euthanize her. She will never be forgotten. I stayed with her until she crossed the rainbow bridge 


Bart was a wonderful Tennessee walker that we took in for a friend. He was a wonderful old man and was here for a few months before he went to be adopted by a supporter of White Rock horse rescue


Honor we picked up and cared for while helping out White Rock horse rescue. He was here for a week before going to them


Redman was a 9 yr old mustang who had a very rough past. Most would say he was dangerous but truly he was defensive and scared. Joel had a wonderful connection with him. Last year he fought with another horse over the fence (not one of our horses, a loose horse that belonged to someone else) he ended up twisting his gut. He passed away with Joel by his side.


Benjamin was a 7 yr old mustang born to sally before she arrived here. He was a wonderful smart horse that was in training. We do not know what happened but the vet said he twisted his gut. Joel was by his side as he was humanly euthanized due to the severity of his injury


Lilly was a 21 yr old gaited mare. She was smooth to ride. She came to us via our ferries. Unfortunately she had cushings before she was given to him. The previous owner never treated it.  She was here a very short time and was in the process of diagnosis when her kidneys shut down due to the disease. She was humanly euthanized.